MMA Basic Welding Knowledge


MMA Welding is a welding procedure that uses a metal arc that plays an important role in the welding process. According to ISO 857-1 ( 1998 Edition ) this metal arc welding process uses electrodes without gas shield.

In Germany, this method is known as :

  • Lichtbogenhandschweissen
  • E-Hand Schweissen
  • Elektrodesschweissen

This type of welding machine is a flux based process that suitable for outdoor needs. Because the wind doesn’t affect the welding process. And this machine is also very suitable for welding needs on thick metal.


But the disadvantages of this welding machine, it can contaminate the metal because of the welding process itself. The metal that you weld will look dirty, so it’s not suitable for welding metal with clean needs, such as on production equipment, framing, automotive tools, etc.


If you’re doing agricultural needs, pipes and something like that, that do not prioritize the cleanliness of the welds, then this welding machine will help you perfectly.

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